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3/4" Coco Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Hinges for Bay Windows and Corners available.

Available with Bauhaus, Flair, Ball and Javelin Finials.

CC Bauhaus

3/4" Coco Curtain Rod with Bauhaus Finials

Coco flair

3/4" Coco Curtain Rod with Flair Finial

Coco Bracket with Ball Finial.

Coco Bracket with Ball Finial.

Coco spear

Coco Bracket with Javelin Finial

Coco.75 Ball gldcurtain

3/4" Coco Curtain Rod with Ball Finial

High quality forged steel [Wrought Iron], solid brackets with heavy walled [ .120" ] tubular curtain poles. Brackets and finials link together, keeping rods in place, without set screws or other fasteners. All rods are made [welded] to your size, no telescoping rods.

Curtain Rings

Curtain Rings

Fixed Tiback

Tiebacks and Accessories

Don't see what you need? Call us, our blacksmiths, machinists and craftsmen are always developing new parts. All made in the USA.

We specialize in hardware for interior designers and architects.
Curtain rods and curtain hardware in steel, wrought iron, hammered iron, nickel finish stainless steel, brass and bronze.
Our lines include cafe curtain rods, door curtain rods, double curtain rods, bay window curtain rods, corner curtain rods, crane curtain rods, swing arm curtain rods, curtain rings, drapery wands and batons, curtain wands, drapery tiebacks, brass ball finials, wrought iron finials and more.