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ABOUT CAMPBELL IRONWORKS Founded in 1991 by Norman Campbell and Joan Rafferty, Campbell Ironworks specializes in handcrafted luxury curtain hardware. A self-taught furniture designer, sculptor, blacksmith and machinist, Norman is the designer while Joan is the chief financial officer and photographer. Norman’s sculpture and furniture art pieces have been shown at galleries around the country including Gallery at Workbench, Gallery of Applied Arts and Art & Industrie in SoHo. He has also designed furniture for Arc International.

Campbell Ironworks curtain hardware has been developed from over 20 years of fabricating furniture and hardware for many of the top designers and architects in and around New York City.  All of our products, with the exception of curtain rings, are manufactured in our atelier in Callicoon, New York.

To see some of Norman Campbell's sculpture and furniture designs please go to Norman's personal site http://normaniron.com/

Photo- fresh out of paint department.

Curtain Hardware Parts

Photo ©Joan Rafferty

Photo essay by Jessica Kinney

Last spring a young photographer, Jessica Kinney, came by our atelier and created this beautiful photo essay.

Norman Campbell by Coco Campbell

Norman Campbell

Norman + Coco